Best Applications of Concrete Seat Walls

Concrete seat walls don’t have to be the boring, flat concrete slabs you may have seen in some parks. They can actually be made or worked into a variety of designs and dressed up to fit in perfectly with the overall aesthetic of your property.

Below are just a few of the designs concrete seat walls can be worked into.

Fire Pit Concrete Seat Walls

Fire pits are great for providing a space for guests to sit around, but naturally fire isn’t the safest thing to work with. Instead of bringing seating, seat walls offer a safe, permanent seating option since concrete isn’t flammable. They can also be easily constructed for circular seating to cut down on space in your backyard.

Borders for Patios

Provide additional seating and complement your garden or patio design with concrete seat walls. You can even incorporate different kinds of stacked stone designs that better fit with your patio’s aesthetic.

Typically seat walls for patios are best done leaving space open for people to walk freely through. This is done so a space feels more open.

Seating and Safety

Although seat walls usually offer a place to sit, they can have a double function of also providing a safety feature. For instance, they could be used as a barrier for steeper sections of a piece of property, or even act as retaining walls in some cases.

Seat Walls for Leaning Against

Most seat walls act like bench seating, but that’s not to say you can’t add a backrest to them! This is a particularly useful feature when your seat wall riding up against a fence or other structure.

The addition of a concrete backrest can also act as a retaining wall for seat walls that are sunken in or patios that cut into the landscape.

Decorative Pieces for Lawns or Properties

Finally, concrete seat walls don’t even have to be big enough for seating, they could simply offer a decorative barrier for your garden, walkways, or other areas on your property.

Because concrete is so customizable, seat walls can be made in a multitude of designs and complement with additional materials like stacked rocks, and patterns.

Overall, seat walls are perfect for a wide selection of outdoor applications for everything from fire pits to retaining walls and everything in between.