The Benefits of Stamped Concrete

Although often known for its use in more structural applications, concrete is also immensely popular for other kinds of projects. Patios, paths, and driveways often use concrete in their construction. However, concrete tends to look somewhat bland on its own so stamped concrete designs are a natural choice to add some more character. Below, we detail some of the most popular stamped concrete patterns in addition to the many advantages stamped concrete provides. 

What Are the Most Popular Stamped Concrete Patterns 

Because concrete is so moldable, it can mimic designs so well it can be difficult to tell it apart from actual stone designs. 

Some of the most popular stamped concrete patterns include natural stone patterns like: 

  • London cobble 
  • Ashlar cut slate 
  • Running bond new brick 
  • Herringbone new brick 
  • Grand ashlar 
  • European fan 
  • Fractured cyprus slate 
  • Stones of athens 

Concrete also doesn’t just come in its standard grey anymore (although it’s still a popular choice). Concrete can actually be mixed, layered, or antiqued with stains or tints—therefore creating an almost endless list of possibilities for your design.  

Multiple colours can also be used within the same project for realistic stone coloration, decorative borders, or to provide a contrasting color pattern that’s more aesthetically pleasing. This opens up a significant number of options to better complement projects. 

Benefits of Stamped Concrete 

Few other materials come close to the level of customization stamped concrete offers. The aforementioned options for patterns, colours, and styles are just not doable with many other kinds of materials.  

Another one of the benefits of stamped concrete is its durability. When properly maintained, stamped concrete can last for decades. Pavers and natural stone often require much more work and are often subject to weeds growing through the cracks. 

Stamped concrete is also a frequent choice for projects because of its simple installation. In addition, it’s also a much more affordable option as well, making it perfect choice for home improvement projects on a budget. 

All of these benefits combined with the fact that stamped concrete can be make slip-resistant, and easy maintenance make it clear as to why it’s chosen so often for home and commercial construction projects.