Top Concrete Floor Designs

Alongside the recent trend of the industrial look, concrete floors have been making a comeback. Concrete floors are highly versatile making it easy to incorporate many different concrete floor designs that can complement any room. 

Below are some of the trendiest designs that can work in both commercial or residential settings. 

One of the Most Popular Concrete Floor Designs: Polished Concrete Flooring 

Polished concrete floors are often a popular choice due to the customizable nature of them. Often chosen for residential settings, polished concrete floors are often simple and elegant.  

Due to their polished nature and reflective surface, they can also add more light to a room. 

Commonly chosen for ground floors, polished concrete floors also can make a space feel larger, and look bigger, making them ideal for living or dining room spaces.  

Polished concrete can also be acid-stained to have a smart, artistic stain that’s highly customizable to properly work with the interior décor and design of an area.  

Pattered Concrete Flooring 

Patterned concrete flooring comes in a variety of options to choose from. Commercial properties like hotels and office buildings with large lobbies can be easily complemented by concrete flooring using a variety of patterns like diamonds or stamped patterns.  

With regards to residential spaces, stamped concrete patterns like wood or stone fragment patterns are frequently chosen for outdoor patios. Concrete patios, in general, can be more beneficial than wood ones since they don’t rot and can last much longer as well.  

Two-tone colours can also be used in patterns to add some contrast to outdoor concrete floors and make them stand out even more. 

Full-Paint Chip Concrete Flooring 

Similar to countertops, concrete floors can also have chip designs to add a smart modern look to homes or commercial buildings.  

To spice up garages, full-paint chip designs can also be a great choice since they come in a variety of colours. Due to the variety of colours, this kind of concrete floor design also works well in rooms or spaces that have darker colours like browns, greys, and blacks.  

Tiled Concrete Floors 

Another very popular choice for floors are tiled concrete floors. Like patterned concrete floors, tiled ones provide a multitude of designs to choose from to easily complement a space. While square tiles are often one of the most popular choices, diamonds, custom shapes, or even hexes can create a smart look.  Concrete flooring doesn’t have to be boring. There are plenty of fun and modern styles that work with a wide range of commercial and residential spaces to add that final piece to completing the look of an area.